helps oral exam implement and scoring
Scoring performance is officially certified

In recent years,the human-machine oral English exam is added to the pilot projects of the senior high school and college entrance
examination across Guangdong, Guangxi,Ningxia and other provinces. These early successes have driven education authorities to
publish policies and plans for oral English exams. The human-machine oral exam and intelligent speech analysis would soon become
nationwide realities.

Chivox examination solution for oral English exam

  • The system is oriented to the entrance examination for high school and college. It provides the interactive oral examination, automatic scoring and statistical function, which effectively solves the difficulties of the oral examination organization and the difficulty of scoring, and can promote the smooth implementation of the oral examination.

  • It consists of question bank system, examination system and scoring system.
  • It realizes the combination of independent setting-question and machine scoring.
  • Machine scoring, fast and fair.
  • The question types cover entrance examination for high school or college in all provinces and cities across the country.
  • Anti-cheating mechanism, multiple encryption, safe and reliable

Chivox oral English exam practice system

  • The system is oriented to the mid and final examinations in school or district, and daily practice. It simulates the process of the local college entrance examination, helps students quickly get familiar with the mode, the question types, and improves the examination skills. It also helps teachers understand the students' oral English level in time, and arranges the teaching courses and special training.

  • The same operation process as the entrance examination for high school or college
  • Intelligent scoring for human-machine dialogue
  • Support local teaching materials
  • Support the question types of oral examination in various provinces and cities across the country
  • Intelligent analysis for student data with a multidimensional report

Kami English system

  • Kami English, an Oral English teaching and learning Assistant System for the daily teaching of K12 schools, is based on the internet, and deploys the paten intelligent speech analysis technology. Four modules build oral English learning closed loop with learning, practice, assessment and measurement. By analyzing big date, digitizing teaching behavior in jurisdictional areas, it provides tools for teaching management.

  • Make homework done easily
  • First recommend "intelligent personalized work" function
  • Meet the phased exam type in school
  • Support cross school lightweight examination
  • Support stratified teaching
  • Detailed analysis of big data, an intelligent assistant connecting school and parents
  • Visual content management