Intelligent speech
analysis technology
helps language learning!

3 kinds of ability evaluation

Chivox’s speech analysis technology covers three aspects of ability, including pronunciation, pragmatics and expression.
  • Pronunciation evaluation
  • From the perspectives of pronunciation and intonation, the pronunciation ability of learners in word, phrase, sentence, paragraph reading aloud and repeat is evaluated.
  • Speech enabled multiple choice evaluation
  • Through the design of Task-based scenarios, it has multiple options in each round for users to choose and read. During the process, we get accurate feedbacks on the user’s mastery of specific
  • Oral presentation evaluation
  • It evaluates the presentation comprehensively in semantic, grammar, pronunciation and other dimensions. In scenes like oral composition or story retelling, one thousand users may have one thousand different answers. It is a key indicator of the technical strength for a speech technology company.

4 major evaluation dimensions

7 typical functions