Language Teaching and Learning Solutions

Chivox AI solutions transform the way of teaching and learning Languages. We make language learning much more intelligent and efficient. Speech assessment technology performs well both for kids and adults.

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Why Us
  • Recognize and Evaluate Voice
    from Kids to Adults
  • We build voice experiences for both kids and adults. Speech recognition performs well and billions of users have tested.
  • Various of Application
  • Chivox AI solutions cover wide range of application scenarios, from online to offline, from school teaching to self-learning, from language level exams to self tests.
  • Wide Range of
  • Chivox AI solutions have been chosen by publishing houses, schools,hardware producers,online learning platforms and speech training institutes.
  • Intelligent Teaching and
  • Chivox AI solutions help to generate individual reports to each user and make language learning and teaching much more intelligent and efficiency.
  • Easy-to-Use and Support
    all Platform
  • Standardized API encapsulation and reference demo for various computer language make integration very quick and easy.
  • Client Succeed
  • We offer customized licensing model by deep understanding of client’s business, we are dedicated to client success.
AI Solutions Include
a Range of Artificial Intelligence Technologies
  • Automatic Speech Recognition (Speech to Text)
  • It will be used in occasions,such as free speech, video chatting and speaking practice. With ASR technology, real-time feedback resulted from contents help users to practice listening and speaking skills simultaneously.
  • Speech Assessment Technology(Speech Evaluation)
  • Intelligent Speech assessment technology, is a kind of technology utilizing Computer Assisted Language Learning. It's able to automatically score and correct your spoken language with multi dimensions,such as pronunciation recognition and correction,grammar feedback and fluency detection.Language learners can practice without intensive 1 on 1 instruction.With the help of speech assessment technology, language learning efficiency can be increased by 85%!
  • Conversational AI
  • Conversational AI creates opportunity for users to practice with AI coach anytime anywhere.
  • Auto-scoring System
  • With Chivox auto-scoring system , teachers will not have to spend their valuable time marking piles of papers.
Chivox expert will suggest suitable AI solutions for you.

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Application Scenarios
  • Online Education
  • Due to COVID spread widely around the world, online education become a need for various institutes. Chivox AI solutions help to hold online language teaching, learning and exams. With individual and class reports, online teaching and learning will get positive results.
  • Offline Training
  • In face to face teaching class, Chivox AI solutions help to collect students response simultaneously and quickly. Teachers can adjust teaching plan in class to assure positive results.
  • School
  • Chivox AI solutions are used on school online computer tests and auto-scoring. It will save time for teachers and school management team to do more creative things.
  • Smart Hardware
  • Chivox speech assessment technology can be integrated in smart hardware to help users learning foreign language.
  • Speech Disorder
  • Chivox speech assessment technology can perform an AI therapist to help speech disorder people to speak, correct and improve day by day.